Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Monday, March 11, 2013

Pinterest Fail

That time I tried to make my favorite "flourless chocolate cookies" that Whole Foods stopped making, and I not only almost mysteriously somehow burnt the apartment down but the goo just stuck to the paper and I couldn't even eat it in pieces.
On the left is what it should look like and on the right is what mine looked like.  

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Washington D.C. Wedding Weekend

A very good friend of ours was getting married in Washington D.C. so we took the train down there on Friday afternoon.  It was actually really easy to take the train, I would definitely do that again.  We smuggled the dog for the ride (shhh, don't tell) and arrived at our dog-friendly hotel, The Fairmont; also where the wedding was going to be (so convenient!).
We went out to dinner at Farmers, Fishers, Bakers and then we went to right next door to The Sequoia, a beautiful room where we had drinks and dessert with the out-of-towners.  It was a really cute spot right on the water.  There was an ice-skating rink and pretty lights.  Apparently this is where the couple had gotten engaged and I could see why.  

On Saturday we went to brunch at the newly re-opened Art and Soul.  I got the BLT Benedict which was great but even greater was the scones before the meal.  O.M.G. !!!!    
After that meal, we thought it would be best to walk it off a bit.  It really sucked that it was so cold so after we made it to the Capitol, we beelined for the first place we could find which happened to be the National Gallery of Art.  Then we decided to head a little further down the Mall to the Smithsonian American History Museum.  I wanted to stick around but my college roommate C. picked me up as soon as we got there so I'll have to return to see Dorothy's Ruby Red slippers!  

We went and got Gabriel and attempted to go to the dog park right outside her house in Adams Morgan but it was too cold and we only stayed 10 minutes.  I found that D.C. is a pretty dog-friendly city.  All along Rock Creek Park (which runs from the Potomic River, 12 miles to Maryland - even the National Zoo is along the path!) there are cool trails and dog parks.  I'd love to go back in warmer weather to really explore - it's very neat to see this thing run all along the middle of the city.  C. did however get a great shot of Gabriel which later ran in a local blog!  Check him out on!  

It was time to get ready for the wedding and I was really excited because I used and ordered a dress and earring combo.  I have never gotten so many compliments on a dress in my life!  Here I am in my Mark & James by Badgley Mischka Sapphire Star Dress and Dannijo Cecile earrings.  

I thought about making a separate blog entry for what a great experience I had with RTR.  It was so easy and saying I am impressed with the company as a whole is an understatement.  Really glad I rented!  

The wedding was absolutely beautiful.  The space at the Fairmont was unique with its elevated dance floor.  It was also really nice to be at a wedding and just be guests.  The last wedding we were at was our own and the past couple, either one of us were in the wedding.  And just a side note, it's heartwarming when you see how happy the couple is to be getting married.  Both the families were just awesome and we were really happy to see them all happy.  OK corny part over, :)