Friday, November 18, 2011

Ralph Lauren Was Busy!

This past summer, Dylan Lauren was married in a design by her father and then shortly after, his son married Lauren Bush in what looks like a gorgeous Western-style Colorado wedding and in a dress also designed by him (with some help from Vera Wang).  Totally different looks.  Totally stunning dresses.  Oh and both featured in Vogue Magazine. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Honeymoon Stats

05/24/2011: 2010 Honeymoon Statistics Released By The Knot

-- 3rd Annual Survey of More Than 12,000 Honeymooners Reveals Luxury Honeymoon Choices, Top Honeymoon Destinations and In-Depth Insight Into Honeymoon Budget and Trends --
NEW YORK (May 24, 2011) – The Knot Inc. (NASDAQ: KNOT), the premier media company with the top two wedding websites, and, today released the results of its 3rd annual Honeymoon Study, which surveyed more than 12,000 U.S. couples married in 2010. The most definitive report on honeymoon statistics, the 2010 Honeymoon Study from The Knot Market Intelligence, a research division of The Knot Inc., tracks the more than $6 billion honeymoon market by capturing detailed feedback on honeymoon decisions, influences and destination choices.
“The 2010 Honeymoon Study provides incomparable insight into the multibillion-dollar honeymoon industry, and we’re thrilled to provide this level of detail to destination and travel companies looking to understand the decisions couples make while planning this very important trip,” said Kristyn Clement, senior director of The Knot Market Intelligence at The Knot Inc. “ and are the leading wedding planning resources used by the overwhelming majority of brides in the U.S.; we are, by far, the leading source for insights into the bridal space, including this comprehensive and detailed understanding of honeymoon decision making and trends.”
  • Estimated Number of Honeymooners: 1.4 million U.S. couples per year
  • Cost of a Honeymoon: $4,466, on average
  • Honeymoon Length: 8 days, on average (excluding travel time)
  • Who’s Paying: 62% of couples pay for most (at least 90%) of their honeymoon on their own
  • When They Book the Honeymoon: 4 months before the wedding date, on average
  • Most Popular “International” Destinations (% of overall honeymooners): Mexico (15%), Hawaii (12%), Jamaica (7%), The Bahamas (5%), Italy (5%), St. Lucia (5%), France (3%), U.S.V.I. (3%)
  • Most Popular Continental U.S. Destinations (% of overall honeymooners): Florida (8%), California (5%), Nevada (3%)
  • Luxury Honeymooners: represent 15% of the market and spend more than $7,000
  • Most Popular Luxury Honeymoon Destination Region (% of luxury honeymooners):Europe (28%), Caribbean (21%), Hawaii (18%), South Pacific (11%)
Nearly 30% of newly married U.S. couples honeymoon exclusively within the continental U.S., whereas more than 70% travel outside of the continental U.S. (including Hawaii) for at least some part of their honeymoon.
Continental U.S. Honeymooner
  • Top Destinations: Florida, California and Nevada
  • Average Cost: $2,325
  • Average Length (excluding travel time): 6.7 days
  • What Honeymooners Look For: Sun, sand and surf not a necessity (18% consider it a top 3 honeymoon feature) and 20% visit theme parks
  • Accommodations: More diverse range: Deluxe Hotel - 28%; Standard Hotel - 19%; B&B/Inn - 17%; Lodge/Cabin - 15%; Rental House - 13%
  • Booking: More likely to book directly with a vendor (59%)
  • Satisfaction: 57% said their honeymoon was "extremely enjoyable" 
International Honeymooner
  • Top Destinations: Mexico, Hawaii, Jamaica, The Bahamas, Italy, St. Lucia, France and U.S.V.I.
  • Average Cost: $5,219 (more than twice domestic spend)
  • Average Length (excluding travel time): 8.7 days
  • What Honeymooners Look For: Sun, sand and surf MUCH more important (48% consider it a top 3 honeymoon feature) and 41% visited more than one locale (almost 2 time more likely compared with domestic honeymooners)
  • Accommodations: More resort- and cruise-focused: All-inclusive Resort - 39%; Resort (not all-inclusive) - 20%; Cruise - 16%
  • Booking: More likely to book a package (44%), use travel agents (34%) and book extras (72%)
  • Satisfaction: 67% said their honeymoon was "extremely enjoyable"
Majority of Honeymooners Are Not Affected by the Economy. A majority of couples (60%) did not scale back their honeymoon budget because of the economy. In fact, 1 in 4 couples spent more than they originally budgeted, and 21% spent more than $6,000 on their total honeymoon. In addition, 12% of couples are registering for their honeymoon, and 20% use travel rewards toward their honeymoon.
“Couples today remain committed to planning a luxurious, unforgettable honeymoon and are willing to spend despite the state of the economy,” added Carley Roney, editor in chief of The Knot Inc. “In fact, 3 in 5 couples are booking extras on their honeymoon, and 25% spent more than they had originally budgeted.”
Luxury Honeymooners Spend Approximately $10,000. Nationwide, luxury honeymooners spend an average of $9,954 on their honeymoon, and approximately 1 in 4 reside in New York or California. They honeymoon for an average of 11 days, and a majority (64%) visit more than one locale.
The Continental U.S. Surpasses the Caribbean for the First Time. The number of couples honeymooning in the continental U.S. has increased – 30% in 2010 vs. 26% in 2009 – surpassing the Caribbean as a honeymoon destination region (28% in 2010 vs. 31% in 2009) for the first time. Top domestic honeymoon locales include Walt Disney World/Orlando, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Miami and the Florida Keys.
Couples Increasingly Planning on Their Own. Self-directed booking dominates, with 47% of couples booking their lodging directly with a vendor and 21% using a third-party online travel site. While couples are decreasingly using travel agents to book lodging (28% in 2010 compared with 34% in 2009), more than half of honeymooners are booking a portion of their honeymoon online. In fact, 9% of honeymooners use a mobile app with their planning, and 2% book lodging on online deal-of-the-day websites like Deals, Groupon and Jetsetter.
On Facebook While Honeymooning. Honeymooners don’t take a vacation from social media or mobile devices. Nearly half of couples (48%) visit Facebook while on their honeymoon, and approximately 1 in 5 couples (19%) use a mobile app during that time.
Only 1 in 4 Couples Go on Their Dream Honeymoon. Despite the increase in domestic honeymoons, only 9% of domestic honeymooners consider the continental U.S. their “dream” honeymoon destination. The top “dream” honeymoon destination overall is Europe, followed by the South Pacific and then Hawaii.
About The Knot Market Intelligence 2010 Honeymoon Study
More than 12,000 qualified couples – of mixed ethnicities, and education and income levels – were polled across 50 states. All qualified respondents:
  • Were 18 or older
  • Were married in 2010
  • Had already taken their honeymoon or had at least selected their honeymoon destination
The survey was fielded in October/November 2010 and was administered by Digital Research Inc. on behalf of The Knot Market Intelligence Group.
For more information, please visit Complete custom analyses and reports are available for purchase by contacting
About The Knot Inc. 
The Knot Inc. (NASDAQ: KNOT; is the premier media company devoted to weddings, pregnancy and everything in between, providing young women with the trusted information, products and advice they need to guide them through the most transformative events of their lives. Our family of premium brands began with the industry's #1 wedding brand, The Knot, and has grown to include, The Nest and The Bump. Our groundbreaking community platforms and incomparable content have ignited passionate communities across the country. The Knot Inc. is recognized by the industry for being innovative in all media – from the web to social media and mobile, magazines and books, and television and video. For our advertisers and partners, The Knot Inc. offers the consummate opportunity to connect with our devoted communities as they make the most important decisions of their lives. Founded in 1996, The Knot Inc. is made up of four major revenue categories: online sponsorship and advertising, registry services, merchandise and publishing. The company is publicly listed on NASDAQ (KNOT) and is headquartered in New York City.
CONTACT: Jacalyn Lee
Public Relations Director
The Knot Inc.
(212) 219-8555 x1013

Monday, November 7, 2011


Engagement photos are becoming a fun, popular and creative way to introduce yourself to the world as an engaged couple as well a way to get to know your photographer.  I was thinking of some creative places to do these shoots.  I love NYC, and can appreciate the Central Park shoots.  It's one of the most beautiful places in the world.  But it's time to start to think outside the box. especially if you don't live in New York and a plain old park or beach won't cut it.  Here's what I came up with.  

1. I recently went on a yacht. It got me thinking of a really fun New York Harbor story.  Champagne flutes, picnic at the foot of the boat, captain hats, fiance steering and the other navigating.  All with the Manhattan skyline in the background.  Hell, throw in a Titanic King Of The World pose while your at it!

2. The green market like in Union Square or food market like Chealsea Market or Grand Central.  Even take it a step further and actually cook the meal and take some photos in the kitchen.  Or skip the market and just do a cooking shoot.

3. FAO Schwarz fun shoot.  Playing on the piano, BIG style.  Posing with the Lego creations.  Peeking from behind giant stuffed animals.  Maybe heading over to the candy shop.

4. Yoga session.  Acroyoga is a really cool practice involving two or more people posing as one.  It's pretty cool but I think it could also be for a more yoga advanced couple.  Faces aren't always cute when posing in odd positions.

5.  I recently saw some really great shots of a couple at Fenway Park.  I think catching a couple at an event they love to go to, or going to a venue they love is a really neat concept - but could also be pricey.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Photographer - Check!

Things are coming along in the planning process.  Photographs were our main focus when it came to budgeting and ranking what we felt was the most important aspect.  After much search and thought, we met with our top three and...

The final decision: INKU
We are really excited to work with him!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trend Alert: Ombre

This summer it was the Ombe hair trend.  Now its moved on to nails.  What is Ombre?  Its a french term that means shaded.  See examples (like what I just did with the words):

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hope E! Got A Prenup!

News spread today of Kim Kardashian filing for divorce from Kris Humpries after 72 days of marriage.  I can't say I am surprised but it's more then just that to me and I think for others too.

I think she's a hopeless romantic and perhaps was not always in it for the money as some suspect.  I think she wanted to find true love and be married more than anything else in the world.  I think Kris was also in over his head and star struck and wanted to make this last any way he could, ultimately sacrificing more than he expected.  I think E! fed her the poison of a wedding special that comes with money and more fame and hype, etc. and it was too hard to resist.

You get caught up in that stuff.  Even without all of it, imagine backing out of your wedding?  Not an easy thing to deal with.   Add to it having your life under a microscope (yes even though you asked for it), millions of dollars, major companies...basically a huge business deal, on the premis that you would marry this guy, but deep down inside, you realize it wasn't right when you were already far into it?  Maybe as an ideal person, you'd like to think you could walk away.  

Now...The money. Not only did these people drop millions of dollars on their event, they profited from it.  They reportedly made $17 million off of their wedding.  That's about $10,000 an hour for the marriage.  I wonder if E! had a prenup also?  Make it last as long as our promos are on our site for your Fairytale Wedding or no payout.  Oops, how ironic.  Dam I would hate to be the assistant to return all those gifts to guests!

But on a serious note about the financials, what a waste!  It was a waste (for everyone but Kim and Kris) success or not.  That money could have fed a country!  Build a much needed NYC animal shelter.  Given homeless people new clothes.  Helped save some lives.  UGH the list could go on.

Then theres the gay marriage argument.  At first I didn't think it was fair to make her a poster child for this but then I thought about it and I changed my mind.  How absurd that these two heterosexual individuals are not just getting married but profiting for their marriage of 72 days, when gay people who have been in loving and committed and real relationships for sometimes 30+ years still cant legally be married?

Lastly, for now, why do so many people seem forget that marriage is work?  If you wanna be lazy and selfish, then dont get married in the first place.  Unless someone offers you $17 million dollars and you have no heart!

Also, when did Ryan Seacrest become Kim Kardashian's publicist?  He was the one who started the whole thing with a tweet.

Back to my first point of just the fact that she was in too far too fast.  Perhaps in hindsight, the fact that everyone is now joking about it, I'm sure it is hurtful to Miss Kim.  And I am sure she is wondering if she made the right decision from the start of all this.  But really, after all of this is said and done, who cares?!  She will move on and be fine.  And people and animals and the world will still be cold, hungry, suffering and poor.  

Have a nice night.