Hello!  Thanks for reading my blog!  I like to share things with my friends and family and apparently with strangers as well so I found this was the best format for that.

But who am I you ask?  

Long story short...

My name is Becca and I grew up on Long Island.  Then I went to The Ohio State University.  Then I moved back to New York City and worked as a publicist.  Then I traveled to Israel a couple of times and met my husband on one of those trips.  He happened to be from Cleveland so I moved there for a hot second and dabbled in marketing/public relations for a restaurant.  Then we moved back to New York City where I went back to public relations.  Now I work at a non-profit that I love with puppies and kittens.  I enjoy lots of things most people do like traveling, food and yoga.  I have a weakness for monkeys and pugs and I have the best dog in the world named Gabriel.  He's magical, seriously.  I hope you get to meet him one day.  

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