Thursday, August 8, 2013

Blog Design

For whatever reason, I am loyal to Blogger.  I contemplated switching to another platform or hiring someone (probably will eventually) to just fix this one but thought, "I got this!".  Well, in my journey into trying to figure out how to better my blog, I came across a couple of other blogs worth noting.

There is definitely a certain style I am going for and I'm going to refer to it as the "Lifestyle Format".  Lifestyle blogs are all the rage and I want in.  There is uber-popular sites like Cupcakes & Cashmere (who just relaunched her entire site) and the lovely Ramshackleglam.

On Blogger specifically, I found The Londoner.  She was actually one of the first ones to pop into my search and even had an entry about how she figured it all out on her own and included a couple of blogging tips.  I was motivated by this and respect her lots for successfully doing it solo.  That said, her blog is pretty freaking fab and you should start reading!

Two other super cute sites with similar designs include:
Urban Flip Flops (credits design to Danielle Moss)

So my loyal readers, this is still a process and I appreciate you sticking with me during this eyesore.  One day I vow, it will be better.  Once again, if anyone has any tips, tricks or referrals, send them my way!  Til then, thanks for reading!