Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On Vacation

Be back next week!

Monday, April 19, 2010

The B-List.com

The B-List is a baby in the event blogging community in comparison, but its potential is huge. This past weekend, they had a conference with bloggers from all over the country. Check out the highlights here.

The B-List is shaping up to be a powerful tool in the wedding planning world and I don't doubt that it will only grow to something major.

Israel is 62 and Suri Cruise is 4

Happy birthday!

I was just wondering if this little girl knows how to walk? I feel like for the past 4 years, I almost always see her being carried. I'm not hating on a 4 year old, i'm just making an observation.
Most recent pics just from April:

(I know she knows how to walk. I just think it's weird.)

Other Birthdays Today via dlisted:
James Franco (32)
Maria Sharapova (23)
Catalina Sandino Moreno (29)
Hayden Christensen (29)
Kate Hudson (31)
Luis Miguel (40)
Jesse James (41)
Ashley Judd (42)
Suge Knight (45)
Ruby Wax (57)
Tim Curry (64)
Israel (62)

Recipe For NYBuckeye

Been doing a lot of organizational thinking. I have come up with a recipe for what my blog currently contains and what I will continue to blog about. I feel like this is a place for people from all different backgrounds and sometimes people just can't handle the mishmosh.

Hmmm maybe I need a webpage with tabs for the separate categories...yea I like that idea. Great! A new project, I wonder how long this will take me to get going?


1 pound of Public Relations (entertainment & general)
1 pound of Event Planning
2 cups Pop Culture
1 cup Fashion
1/2 cup My Life
1/2 cup NYC/Cleveland
1 Tablespoon of Random

Throw in together, add a little spice, and let simmer and stew.

Did You Know

there are currently only two active Jewish NBA players?

Now that the Playoffs are underway, there are a lot of TV specials on the teams. I was watching something on the Lakers and something about Jordan Farmar caught my eye. I looked him up and found out the above fact. The only other Jewish player is Omri Casspi on the Kings, who was the first Israeli to be drafted (in the first round too!).

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Random Thoughts From A Tweeter (Part 1)


"Are there still photography classes in high school? Who still uses film and developes? It's a dying trade, but so is woodshop..."

It's Always Sunny in Sex and the City

What is one of the greatest episodes of It's Always Sunny In Philidelphia, "Who Pooped The Bed", here is a snippet of Sweet Dee running into a car after trying to steal expensive shoes that don't fit her because she is trying to be more like the girls on Sex and the City. Plus, Artemus is one of the greatest characters and besides The Nightman Cometh, this is her best work.

Kristy Mitchell

via RocknRollBride, I found this photographer. A different way to look at flowers.

More here.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Best Gift Ever

I am OBSESSED with monkeys and I was looking at some photos and saw this:

It's awesome for a couple reasons. 1. It's a freaking monkey! 2. It's slightly unrealistic to own one, but to play with on for an hour or so is a great alternative. 3. Definitely adds some originality and spice to the pics and event. 4. Way more original then a typical groom's gift like a watch.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

An April Weekend In Columbus, Ohio

Went to Columbus for a friend's birthday...

Birthday Boy Pic
Brutus & Me

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shopbop Daily Pickins

Shopbop.com tends to be overpriced but for killing time, inspiration and the occasional good sale item, they do the job.
Ella Moss Kit Kat Dress $138

Gryphon Sequin Miniskirt $88.50 (sale, and the dress version is on sale too.)

Alkemie Thorn Bangle $101 (sale)

Party In Your Mouth, For Less

This is so cool. I hate spending so much money on such a large amount of spices I don't need. Now they sell just a pinch and it is awesome. McCormick now sells Recipe Inspirations, a complete set of all the pinches you need for a full recipe (which is also included on the package). Another idea that makes you go, "Why wasn't this made sooner!?"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life Of A Blogging Model's Agent

My friend works over at NEXT Model Management and posted some candids from the recent fashion shows. Just thought I'd share.

(Photo's by Maddy Root.)

Yoplait Light

Been eating a lot of Yoplait for breakfast. They come in so many delicious sounding flavors and so far, all have tasted good enough for me. Check out their flavors! (I've even highlighted the ones I have approved.)

OxyMORON Of The Day

Today I read an article in The Daily News how Bloomberg is going to charge rent in NYC homeless shelters. Um, is that not an oxymoron?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ruining The Fantasy

I read an article today about how Twitter is ruining celebrities. People are hearing things they don't want to hear out of the mouths of these characters they know from a screen and when it doesn't fit the character they imagine in their head, it's crushing. But with twitter, unlike other forms of media, these are coming straight from the horses mouth, making it that much worse.

This same feeling transcends into real life too as Irin points out in meeting fellow writers she admired. I had a similar feeling about meeting celebrities. When you feel like you know someone, or have this image in your head, and then meet that person and that image is shattered, the fantasy is over. You know longer look at them the same. I don't know why we think we know these people but we do and I don't know why we are confused when they are not how we fantasize them being, but we are. Twitter is only another outlet to get to the same failed feeling.

Chris Noth was the first person of a handful to do this to me. Mr. Big in Sex and the City may be "the bad guy" but there is still something mysterious, drawing and handsome about him to viewers. When I met him at a work event, it was so far from the person I had hoped to meet, it
was crushing. Realistically, you know these people are not like their characters, but you still have an image you hope they withhold and when they don't, it's such a bummer. I was dealing with this drunk slob kabob instead of a slick and put together man. So disappointing. I'd almost rather not get an inside look into these people's lives, their twitter accounts included because it only sets you up for disappointment (not always, but most times). But at the same time, it's like watching a disaster, how can you not look?!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Bored and dogless, I look at teacuppuppies.com every now and then just to smile. My cousin and grandma got their dogs here.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Carrie vs. Dabney

Baby Hipster

I went to American Apparel today and they have the cutest baby line!

Style BR000Style 5097Organic Infant Baby Rib Skater Tank Dress

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Birthday Girl

Weddings are easy to obsess over. But as an event planner, there believe it or not, are other events besides weddings to plan. Birthday Girl recognizes that quite well and although not her full time job, she runs this beautiful blog for fun.

It's choc-full-o ideas for that special day that comes every year, not just once. Also, remember my recent entry on inspiration boards? She SELLS them! $25 a pop, I love it!

Such cute and quality stuff. If you need idea's for a birthday, you need to check Birthday Girl out.

Being A Grown Up Is Fun

Polenta Is The New Black

Have you noticed polenta making its way into your life more and more? I have. It was served at a wedding I recently went to, it's been making its way onto menus and food shows. I like it, I just wish I knew how to cook with it. Polenta is boiled cornmeal.

That's really all I have to say about it. I just wanted to make the observation that it is gaining popularity. Anyone have any recipes?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Inspiration Boards

I love wedding inspiration boards!

PR Bias or Not?

As a publicist, I no longer look at anything the same. When I see a celebrity wearing a particular brand, partying at a club, a product in a magazine...I always think to myself, what did their publicist have to do with this? Same goes for when I see publicists mention companies, venues, products, etc. on a nonprofessional level. I feel like I am always skeptical about the genuineness of it. But then I really thought about this and realized, as far as personal shout outs from publicists, it's most likely genuine. Here's why.

I don't own my own company and I certainly don't get to pick my own clients. Even people that pick their clientele don't always 100% stand behind them (possibly they accepted them as a client for financial reasons, or favors.). In an ideal world though, your PR rep truly believes in you.

That said, when a publicist shouts out a client in a non pitching manner, say on their blog or twitter or even in conversation, I do not think it is a business move (at least not directly). I think they actually believe in what they are promoting. Naturally we are skeptical to think that they are being biased, but a publicists grass roots are in word of mouth. When I trace back to the root of why I became a publicist, it only made sense. Whenever I found a food or a band or something else I loved, the first thing I would do is pass that information along. It was a natural promotion. When I found out that this actually had a name and it was called public relations, I knew what I was going to make a living doing.

People shouldn't be so skeptical about publicists promoting clients on their own personal time (I'm not talking about a company format). If they didn't support them on a personal level, they would not bother supporting them on their own time. They would leave it to the business hours, and not take the extra step to shout them out.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

There is a place nestled in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio called Eggshelland.
Since 1957 the Manolio family of Lynhurst has been offering the public a fun, free display of painted eggshells arranged on their front lawn in the shapes of popular cartoons, Easter bunnies, and religious images. Now a local tradition, EggShellLand has grown over the years to include designs featuring over fifty thousand hand-painted shells, which the family plans all year and then sets up with the help of their fourteen children and grandchildren.

These are my own photo's because of coarse I went as soon as my friend Melissa was in town and told me about this place. For more photos, you can click on their website which is linked above.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

NYTimes talks about interns too

The New York Times had an article that isn't exactly new news. In fact, I have been concerned and outwardly talking about how I feel that interns are being taken advantage of and jobs are being lost due to these internships. But the Times article takes it one step further and states the actual laws these companies could potentially be braking and what plans to be done. The fact is there are too many small independent places to take care of this situation completely, but at least people are a little more aware.

Growth of Unpaid Internships May Be Illegal, Officials Say

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I HATE April Fool's Day! Instead of ranting about how for some reason I'm gullible today and no other day, I'm going to give props to a prank.

In-N-Out Burger, the west coast burger chain, pulled a fast one today. They went through some pretty extensive lengths, hanging up signs in NYC, making people think they would open up at some point.

True or Not, a TON of people are talking about it and will be today if they aren't already. For a way to get your brand on people's minds, HIGH FIVE. Granted, I don't know how my knowing about In-N-Out and not having one available will boost their sales in any way, I still give them props for stirring up some chit chat.

@BurgerConquest on Twitter posted photos.

What Took So Long?

Along with Swiffer, Ziploc technology, and the bump it (kidding), comes dresses (particularly wedding dresses) with pockets that make me wonder, "what took so long"?!?!

A dress with a hidden pocket is genius. I saw it for the first time at a wedding about a year ago and this bridesmaid was a pretty funny girl. She was like "screw tissues, I got fruit snacks!". It was like a lightbulb in my head went off. LOVE IT!

(Dresses by: Jasmine Couture, Mori Lee, Vinyards by Priscilla of Boston, Jim Hjelm, Amsale)