Monday, July 30, 2012

Michelle Vs. Tavi

I'd been thinking this for a couple months now and apparently I'm not the only one. just posted the comparison. On the right, Michelle Williams.  On the left, Tavi Gevinson.

Friday, July 27, 2012


Is this not the most absurd stage you have ever seen?  It's the setting for Tomorrowville, one of if not the largest electronic music festival in the world.  It's in Belgium.  I've always wanted to visit...  

"Ghostbuster" Clouds

A storm came in yesterday that looked a lot like the scene from Ghostbusters!
via Pam Fischbein 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Top 11 Movies To Watch After You Get Engaged

11. Just Married 
10. The Heartbreak Kid 
9. Father of the Bride
8. Bride Wars
7. Couples Retreat
6. Monster In Law
5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
4. Wedding Crashers
3.  Steel Magnolias
2. Bridesmaids
1. The Hangover

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Damage Control Controlled

I recently was involved in an event that is getting a lot of press, both positive and negative.  I'd like to respond on behalf of my organization but I can't so I will respond personally, here on my personal blog.  Again, just to be clear, this is all me and only me.

There are two major points I'd like to focus on.  1 - the money factor and 2 - the animal factor.

First of all, I can't say enough - never believe everything you read.  No one ever seems to get the facts right and if they are, it's usually not the entire story.  As it pertains to this event, many think my organization paid for this or that someone paid for it.  In fact, this is not true in the slightest.  Yes, man power and product and therefore cost does factor in but nothing was actually purchased.  Everything was donated and many versions of this story seem to neglect this crucial piece of information.

To take it one step further, we were the benefactors of this event, not the event organizers.  We simply benefit from it.  Do a little research and you will see that 95.9% of every dollar spent goes to the animals here.  That is why the event organizer chose us as the benefactor.  And that is why we agree that money-heavy fundraisers are not something we focus on.

As far as the donors and participants are concerned, here's the thing...people like to help but may not have money or time to do so or it just may not make sense at the time.  If a florist loves animals and sees an opportunity to help in another creative way then that is great!  People don't realize $5,000 in sushi does not necessarily equate to a $5,000 monetary donation.  And let's be honest, the same boring fundraisers get little attention after a while.  So I see no harm in a lighting company donating their services to an event to make it that much more spectacular and worthy of its steep ticket price.  Personally, at $250 a head, you'd expect fantastic.  I think the real story here is how everyone worked together and chipped in and coordinated such an elaborate event for such a minimal cost.  

In addition to the money issue, people are also up in arms about the welfare of the pets at the event.  We would NEVER endanger a pet or put them in harm.  In fact, bringing pets to these events is an amazing opportunity to meet potential adopters and start conversations about who we are and what we do.  It shows that these pets are well trained, well behaved and highly adoptable.  (It always shocks me when people comment on how well-behaved our dogs are.  Well, I am not going to show up to a social event with a dog that was known for attacking someone.  That just makes no sense.)  If we felt that there was an issue, like for instance, the music being to loud, we would simply remove them from the situation.  All of our animals are only handled by people we personally staff.  These handlers never take their eyes off these guys and are very aware of their behaviors.

Now, as for the other people's pets, I can't speak for them but is it really that horrible if someone wants to dress them up and flaunt them around?  Do I think it's completely excessive and unnecessary?  Yes.  Do I feel the same about this event?  Yes.  Do I wish I could have hijacked it as my own wedding?  YES!  But do I think it is harmful or does it truly effect me or my pets?  No.

On another note, how freaking cute is my dog?!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

No Teeth, No Problem

Recently had to nurse back roommate from his oral surgery (wisdom teeth pulled) and had to think of what to feed him.  The first day, you aren't allowed to have anything that requires chewing and then it needs to be very limited after that for a couple days.  Also, no straws.  People always seem to forget that one.

The following was on the menu:

Day 1:
I knew he was going to be hungry and the boy can eat!  Juice and ice cubes were not going to cut it.  I got a bunch of different smoothies.  Some had proteins and such so it was as filling as possible.  Variety was important because he's not a smoothie drinker and those things can get pretty gross after a while if you aren't a fan.  I went with Odwalla and it was pretty successful.  

Also I thought I would mash up a bunch of different food.  Potatoes, some veggies, etc. but then I remembered that there are pre-made mashed up foods, aka baby food!  Genius!  He wasn't thrilled about it but honestly, it was one of the smartest things.  By the way, have you seen some of the flavors that are available now?! Full on meals, it is crazy.

Day 2 and on:
For breakfast, I made some scrambled eggs.  Plain and really cut up for small and easy eats.

For lunch, matzo ball soup.  Snacks consisted of pudding and ice pops.

For dinner we have Stouffer's mac n cheese, it's the softest one around.  And to get some greens, Stouffer's also makes great spinach souffle.
Dessert - tons of ice cream.
Additional meals will be some really pulled chicken and rice, tomato soup, Ramen, mashed potatoes, spoonfuls of peanut butter and yogurt.

Rinse and repeat.