Monday, January 31, 2011

Award Worthy Dresses

Last night were the 2011 SAG awards and I thought majority of the dresses were above par.  Narrowed it down to these top three but it wasn't easy:

 Sofia Vergara in Roberto Cavalli 
 Mila Kunis in Alexander McQueen 
Jennifer Lawrence in Oscar de la Renta 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vegas is Beautiful

When it comes to Vegas, I seem to be cursed.   I haven't been since I was 15, so it doesn't really count.  I tried to go twice, post age 21, and it fell through both times.  Now I may have a third try.  The reason?  Miss USA!

No I am not a beauty queen or even a pageant follower but I actually know someone in this years competition.  Brittany Toll is now the Miss New Mexico USA and I never met her, but have known her for years.  We have a mutual friend in common and via facebook and now twitter, well you know how that goes to make a long story short.

I am so excited for her and I can't think of a better reason to go there now!  Even if I don't go to the actual competition (although that would be awesome), I'd love to be there for it and support her.   Hopefully things will work out!

Follow Brittany on twitter and her her adventures of being Miss New Mexico USA:
On Twitter:!/MissNMUSA2011

Vote for Gabriel!

I havn't made the official announcement yet and this is kind of major.  I GOT A DOG!

Not a pug, a teacup yorkie named Gabriel.  He came in to the shelter and I fell in love after spending some time with him on the Today Show.  He just stares at you, we call it the "Gabriel Glazeover".  Naturally I am taking a gagillion photos and saw this contest so I thought it would be cool to win.

If my boy Gabriel wins, $10,000 will go to my favorite charity!  As many as I have, I think it would be really cool to give prize money to the place I got him from, Humane Society of New York.  Personally working there, I know how much good they could do with this money and winning from a dog they helped would just bring things full circle.  I don't think it's asking too much, considering he really is that cute!

Sign up and vote once a day here:

Monday, January 17, 2011

Shorty Awards

Nominate Humane Society NY for a social media award in the Shorty Awards!Nominate Humane Society NY for a social media award in the Shorty Awards

Running an experiment over here and seeing what  we can do with social media.  Please vote for @HumaneSocietyNY for a Shorty Award in #nonprofit.  Voting ends at the end of January, 2011.  Thank you!

"The Shorty Awards honor the best people and organizations on Twitter and social media.Nominations may be made through Twitter and this website, culminating in an awards ceremony that recognizes the winners in dozens of official categories, as well as thousands of crowd-sourced categories. For the first time, the Shorty Awards will also honor the industry's best agencies and social media professionals."