Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bachelorette Parties

There's Vegas for some.  Miami or NYC for others.  Even Napa, a yoga retreat or Mexico is sometimes in the cards.  But when travelling is not an option and maybe you aren't much of a typical bar and stripper bride-to-be, what else is there to do with your girls?  Well...

For the thrill seeker, do something daring and crazy like go skydiving.

For the kid at heart, go to an amusement park like Six Flags or Dorney Park.

For the nature gals, rent a cabin or tents at a campground and go camping.

For the competitive, go bowling. There's Bowlmor, Lucky Strike, or Brooklyn Bowl.

For the foodie, there are tons of cooking classes or DJ Chef.

For the music lover, try looking into concert tickets or if you want a good laugh, a comedy show.  Or make it a Broadway night out if they are a theater buff and maybe make it extra special by adding a tour of backstage or arranging for the bachelorette to meet the star of the show.  Then head to a karaoke bar and request all the songs you just saw and try to out sing the pros!

For the ocean lover, board a party boat or rent something like a mini yacht for a relaxing day at sea with the ladies.  Hire a masseuse and bring her along too!  Maybe a really nice friend who owns a boat will help you out.

There are so many fun things to do. Get creative and try to think about what kind of person the bride is and what she would like to do.  There are plenty of options out there.  As long as you are all together and having fun, it will be memorable and successful.

UPDATE: The Washington Post decided to write about alternative bachelorette parties too!  Get some more ideas while I go to apply for a journalist job.

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