Saturday, July 7, 2012

No Teeth, No Problem

Recently had to nurse back roommate from his oral surgery (wisdom teeth pulled) and had to think of what to feed him.  The first day, you aren't allowed to have anything that requires chewing and then it needs to be very limited after that for a couple days.  Also, no straws.  People always seem to forget that one.

The following was on the menu:

Day 1:
I knew he was going to be hungry and the boy can eat!  Juice and ice cubes were not going to cut it.  I got a bunch of different smoothies.  Some had proteins and such so it was as filling as possible.  Variety was important because he's not a smoothie drinker and those things can get pretty gross after a while if you aren't a fan.  I went with Odwalla and it was pretty successful.  

Also I thought I would mash up a bunch of different food.  Potatoes, some veggies, etc. but then I remembered that there are pre-made mashed up foods, aka baby food!  Genius!  He wasn't thrilled about it but honestly, it was one of the smartest things.  By the way, have you seen some of the flavors that are available now?! Full on meals, it is crazy.

Day 2 and on:
For breakfast, I made some scrambled eggs.  Plain and really cut up for small and easy eats.

For lunch, matzo ball soup.  Snacks consisted of pudding and ice pops.

For dinner we have Stouffer's mac n cheese, it's the softest one around.  And to get some greens, Stouffer's also makes great spinach souffle.
Dessert - tons of ice cream.
Additional meals will be some really pulled chicken and rice, tomato soup, Ramen, mashed potatoes, spoonfuls of peanut butter and yogurt.

Rinse and repeat.

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