Monday, August 31, 2009

Inglorious Bastards

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Two thumbs up.

This movie was great, I only wish someone warned me on how long it would be so I could have peed before it started.

I really wasnt too interested in seeing it myself but after hearing all the great things, my interest kinda peaked yet still had no real idea what to expect. I also watched Eli Roth's (pictured with Quentin) interview on Chelsea Lately, which got me curious as well.

It was sold out too so it is still doing excellent. We were sitting next to these two little getto kids and when it was over one goes "That shit was so satisfying yo!" Well put I guess.

It had the signature Tarantino gore and guts with the laughs on the side and as heavy as the actual content of the film was, it was still enjoyabl to sit through with just the right breaks from serious to comical. Apparently people are annoyed with the subtitles but I went to French class for 9 years and after all the movies we watched, I am not phased by it. I think those movies also helped me gain a knack in spotting foreign actors styles. I personally could tell who was french trained, etc. but thought this made things more authentic and natural. The cast was so diverse and excellent. It must have been a great set to be on.

Everyone I went with loved it as well so I recommend going to see it. Has anyone ever seen the original?

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