Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dancing Epiphany

I am getting ready to go to my moms for Rosh Hashana but on the TV in the background is the making of Janet Jackson's Tribute Video and something really caught my attention. I danced when I was younger and loved it. Always have a soft spot for performance/choreography/dancing.

After a rehearsal, Choreographer Wade Robson was just making an observation after they all saw the mini Michael's at rehearsal. He said something along the lines of:
"Michael influenced us so much and inspired us. And maybe in some way we inspired these kids and therefore Michael inspired them too. And now watching them, they just inspired us again. Its just really cool to see that happen."

He is right. So many times, an older dancer can influence/inspire a younger one but it is not often that the younger affects the older so much and on such a large scale as this performance. I guess that can also apply to other professions as well but I just thought it was a really cool observation and wanted to record it. :)

Also a side note or two, so much detail went into this routine. They didn't just audition any dancer. She asked the best of the best choreographers to participate, which was truly spectacular. Also details like the shoes. Christian Louboutin made them!

The Video:

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