Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Harper's Future

Photo by: Brynne

This is one of the greatest photos I have ever seen. My friend Harper, basically seeing her future right in front of her face. Love it!


big city girl said...

The background story:
Walking in the east village and from afar my roommate notices this woman and says we match. We pass her and three others and can't help but turn back and take a photo. I go over to her and say "Can we take a photo? Look! We match! We're in the same dress!" Needless to say, she didn't speak English, nor did the other 3, nor did they even realize that we were standing there. I did some pointing trying to get her to realize I was standing in front of her and we matched, and finally one of the women with her started rambling in Spanish and we took the photo, smiled and this is what came of it. Pretty fantastic huh? P.S. It's my moms dress.

big city girl said...

Two things that clearly are NOT in my future. She had a rosary on and her boobs were sagging down.