Monday, October 12, 2009

I Went To DC

My college roommate Carla lives in DC with her boyfriend Russell and we are still in touch and friends so I went down to visit her this past weekend. Coincidentally, some of my birthright boys live down there too and Ben just moved into a new apartment and was having a house warming party. On top of all that, David was working a job in West Virginia so since he was close enough, he drove in for the weekend as well. It all ended up being a nice little trip.

I took Eastern bus there, and found a website that discounts $5, so it was only $35 round trip. The bus left from 34th so it really couldn't have been much easier for me and it left slightly earlier then scheduled so I was glad I got there early. Besides the employees screaming at each other and some confused customers, once you get through the chaos the bus is clean and totally fine.

I left at 8:30 and thought I could sleep but the driver was yelling in a high pitched voice in Chinese the entire 5 hours so there was not too much sleep I could get and I was somewhat disgruntled from that. Once I got to Carla's though, all was fine. I had a really nice weekend and enjoyed DC.

We watched the Buckeye game (they won), played some Wii Fit (my balance is slightly to the right, I have a normal BMI, and my Wii age is 36! Not good! Wii Fit is my next large purchase, I think it is awesome.) went to Ben's, Carla got wasted because thats what she does when shes with me, and its fun as ever! We met some people, went to her friends apartment and played more Wii and deep fried Bagel Bites. Yes thats right, this kid had a deep fryer and made Bagel Bites in them.

On our not so smart walk home through the hood at around 2am, Carla and I came up with a new game plan. When females walk, men call at them. Carla and I came up with a really good comeback that we both plan to try. The next time a guy hollers and asks for our name, we will turn around, smile, and then proceed to twitch and stutter a ton and just say ridiculous things (think Jimmy on South Park). Too bad all we came up with was, "My husband wouldnt be too happy with me" to which his response was "That's aight, my wife dont got to know either." Classy.

Sunday we walked to Dupont, passed a Breast Cancer walk (two pugs had little t-shirts on and wore pink bead necklaces, so cute) and also by a lot of participants on their way to the Equality March. We stopped at this place called Luna for brunch and it was gross. If you dont know how to poach an egg, dont serve them! I actually felt pretty sick from the whole thing and made it kinda difficult to sit through the Browns game (they won too!) in a dark bar and on the bus after that. I felt so puky. :( It's such a frusterating feeling when you spend more money than you want to on a bad meal. But I made it home by 9:30 without getting sick and maybe in a year, I will make a comeback to our nation's capitol.

Carla and I like to explore the parks in DC. This lovely one is right in between her house and Ben's.

Sachlove reunion!

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