Monday, October 5, 2009

Lauren and Jerry's Wedding

I went to a wedding with David this weekend at Brush Country Club in Cleveland Ohio. It was a gorgeous affair and I had a great time. I loved the colors, the dresses, the band, the cake... and I am pretty judgmental about that stuff! I knit pick every little thing. Not to be mean, but because I love the planning aspect and want to be a wedding planner at heart.

After Church we went to David's friend Molly's. She just bought this really cute new home and we had a mini fiesta were I made guac. Molly also has a really adorbs blog and is awesome in the kitchen. She rocked my guac with her salsa. Then we headed to the party.

Once some more pics go up I can add them but words will have to do for now. I wasnt crazy with my camera as I normally am because it was different for me at this wedding. At the past two, I was in the bridal party and knew the couples well (kinda, never met Lilli's husband but I knew her since I was 2). I was a guest this time and really didnt know much about the couple. I met them once and they are very nice but its a different experience when you arent in the bridal party, let alone just a guest. It was great, I am just less outgoing with my camera.

Her bridesmaid dresses were a deep purple and fit everyone great. They also had pockets which was so cool because you couldnt tell and one of the girls even had a little fruit snack in there instead of a tissue! She was awesome. The bouquets were orangy roses. More like yellow with red but a gorgeous contrast against the dresses. Her dress was something I really loved as well but can't explain it. Throughout the wedding they had their initials on things like the invitations, the centerpieces, the napkins. But it wasnt overdone.

And then there was the band. The GDaddies were one of the grooms two requests. He wanted 80s and specifically Journey to play. Well he got that. They were awesome!

On the flight home, we were so early we had to circle a bit in the air and it was the perfect time. Right when the sun was setting and we flew up north a bit, and turned around at New Rochelle. I never flew up that north before and it was really cool to see everything. I took a pic of coarse.

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Molls said...

Oh yeah!!! I hope you had so much fun that you want to move to the Cleve!!!