Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rant About Twitter

Sometimes my posts are for your entertainment.  Sometimes they have a bigger purpose.  Sometimes they are for my personal sense of remembering things I did and act as a diary of sorts.  But sometimes, I just need to vent and this is one of those times.

About that twitter post you just sent to the entire world to read; directed at only one person who is not me: You're interesting on twitter and a valid resource to follow.  But I KNOW you "get" twitter, so those personal messages directed at one person, broadcast for the entire world to see is clearly NOT by mistake.  Text message, BBM, email, PHONES (remember those?!)...they all still exist you know and are perfectly capable of telling someone you have to speak with them.  You obviously want everyone to know you have this relationship with the person you are messaging and frankly, it looks pathetic on your part.  It's childish and unprofessional (and I say that because you broadcast this from a somewhat professional voice). Sure I want to know your little secret but if I didn't know you were telling secrets in the first place, I wouldn't care.  So mission accomplished.  You've made us all feel like we are back in 5th grade and personally, I hated it so now, I hate you.  OK no I don't really hate you but it's not cool what you are doing so knock it off please.  And thanks.  And have a nice day.  

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