Thursday, September 22, 2011

Alisa Brides

My birthright friend Alisa (she was on the trip with Roommate) is one cool lady.  She happens to have started a new company called Alisa Brides.  Alisa describes her company as "a boutique bridal accessories line dedicated to a variety of finely crafted, American-made veils ".  I recently met with her and (aside from reminiscing about a trip of a lifetime) she wow'd me with her designs.  The girl has talent, understands the business, and is definitely doing things with this.  I am really excited for her!  She makes everything by hand with tender loving care.  She gets to know her brides and is also a great consultant for those unsure of what they want.  Here are just a few of her pieces below, click on the link above to see everything on her site.

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