Friday, September 23, 2011

Working at an animal shelter has its challenges.  The one I work at is no-kill.  That is a must for me.  I couldn't handle the other option.  Another challenge is not getting attached to the animals that are for adoption.  But once in a while, connections are made.  There is one little pumpkin who I bonded with and I have to say goodbye to because he got adopted.  I watched him when he first came in and was a mess.  His skin was extremely irritated.  It was red and he literally has scales.  He was constantly itching.  The poor little (and I mean little, he is 3 pounds!) thing was so visibly uncomfortable! He also has an eye condition and it always looks like he is crying.  Slowly, his caretaker and the team here nursed him back to health.  His little stick legs were bald but OK and recently they even started to grow some hair!  Every day I get in I say "hello" to him and every night before I leave I say "goodnight".  Its become ritual.  Its been so amazing watching him get better and wagging his broken tail around.  I hope he is happy in his new home!

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