Saturday, January 7, 2012

Barton G.

My Yelp Review:
I get a kick out of abnormally sized everyday objects so when I saw photos from this place I knew I had to go.  What a fun job!  Just like, thinking up absurd ways to present food!  

I was set to go on a cruise and literally decided to stay an additional night in Miami just so I could go to Barton G.  and experience this madness I had been hearing about.  It was extra special because it was Christmas and an Anniversary for me.  

Overall, the food was really good.  
The presentation, a little better.   
The price, overpriced. 
The atmosphere, excellent. 
The service, well that was great at first, but after our second coarse, things got weird and I'll explain below. 

Story time. 
Our hotel had no idea where we were going so I pulled up an address on my phone (stupid I was so unprepared, I know).  We drove about 15 minutes out of the way and when we got to the place realized it was a corporate office or something.  We circled back to the actual restaurant, it was literally down the block from the hotel.  The cab driver knew exactly what he was doing and I was just super pissed the hotel was apparently unfamiliar with its own neighborhood (or they just dont care if it isnt on their kickback list) and that the cab driver scammed us.  I knew this was going to be an expensive night so I was upset when we arrived but wouldnt let that ruin my night.  

The host sat us at what he called the "best table in the house" which was outside in a little more private corner and he chatted with us for a while.  Our waiter came by and there was no pressure with the menus, which are indeed on iPads.  We really liked him and his presentations.  He introduced us to his Second in Command as well.  Then to some other waitress who was clearly in training and when she didnt know the answer about a special he asked her about, things got realllly uncomfortable.  I felt really bad for her.  They 100% push their smokey cocktails and as much as we wanted to taste them, if you arent crazy drinkers and have to wake up at 5am the next day, a $40 drink just wasn't going to make the list.  But we did get some champagne and the waiter made a comment about it being on the house since we were celebrating when he delivered them.  Sweet! 

I wanted to order everything on the menu just to see how it would be presented.  Luckily we were surrounded by large groups and I just creepily got to watch them.  The Lobster PopTarts and VooDoo Shrimp were delicious.  We split the 16oz Strip thinking there would be room for dessert.  That steak was possibly the best steak I have ever had.  The mashed potatoes were not.  But it filled me up and I could not bring myself to order a $65 dessert made for 6 people.  :(  The weird part was when we told the waiter we were splitting the main coarse, he took the order and never returned.  Second in Command did, but very rarely.  The service basically just completely halted.  OK so we may not have been your big spenders of the night but that is no reason to sway service.  I was just really shocked by how drastic the good service got so bad a.k.a. nonexistent.  

We got the bill in the comedic "The Damage" envelope.  It was not as bad as we were expecting but the champagne was on the bill.  Awkwarrrrddddd.  But whatever, we left very pleasantly filled and walked home since it was THAT CLOSE to the hotel.  (What a joke, that effing cab driver!) 

I highly recommend going here with a group of people and despite the rather odd experience I had there, would return.  The amount of money plus portion sizes are shareable and would have been much better with some friends and family.  This is not the place to just try things off the menu with only 2 of you.

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