Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Project Becca

I am a complainer.  I complain about complaining, that is how much I complain!  Being that this is the last couple of hours of my mid-twenties, ima take this opportunity to continue to complain. :)

The last couple of months in particular, my health has felt off.  The bad days were overpowering the good.  So I made the decision to take better care of myself.  I joined a gym (although it took a month to get myself in there), and decided to change my diet.  I'll let you know how I feel after Week 1 of Project Becca but first I wanna list all my ailments.

I suffer from mental and physical things.
Upper Back Pain
Jewish Girl Stomach Syndrome
An Occasional Face Breakout
Weak Wrists
Hypochondria which allows me to also think I have bouts of Arthritis and occasionally more serious illnesses.

So after Week 1 of exercise and diet change, which in addition to just being healthy, consisted of less diary to see if it triggers my psoriasis, I still feel kinda crappy.  Plus my muscles are sore.

But ima stick with it!  Eventually I'd like to attempt a vegan diet but I'm taking baby steps towards that goal.  I know this will be hard and will be a process but I have nothing to lose (except my lovehandles!) On to Week 2, and 27!

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