Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Great Googa Mooga

Originally I was not attending since the ticket situation to start off with was obnoxious as ever and I did not get my free tickets.  That said, a friend couldn't make it and let me have his Sunday passes.    

Apparently Saturday was a shitshow.  The only problem besides no cell service I had was that the beer tent volunteer was bitchy.  She refused to even read the tap to tell me what kind of beer it was.  I know you are not a beer connoisseur but you could have read the label instead of flat our saying no twice.  But anyway...  

I never waited for a bathroom, the longest I waited for food or drinks was 10 minutes (although as it got more crowded, about 3PM, the lines did get longer & certain things started to run out around 5:30, so I hear...a vast improvement from the day before though), and the entertainment was OK.  I spent $50 total on a beer and the following:

What I ate: Dinosaur BBQ - A deliciously soft and melty Pulled Pork Sandwich/Kutcher's Smoked Corned Beef - the hint of smokiness was the perfect touch. /Boahouse General Loko's - Overall my favorite thing I ate. /Crif Dogs  - A hot dog wrapped in bacon with avocado & sour cream. I also tried some Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken Wings and they were fantastic.  
It was ALL delicious!!! Tip for the future: divide and conquer.  Share food with a friend and wait on different lines at the same time. 

A cool side note, I tweeted about it later and got a response from a chef:  

What I saw: Some drunk girls dancing rather convincingly to Hall and Oates.

In the end, for a "free" event on a gorgeous pre-summer afternoon, I had a great time with some great people and food.  Looking forward to it next year. 

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