Thursday, May 3, 2012

Up In Flames

Some things just really get me heated and this is one of them.  I had avoided reading about this story because I just knew it would aggravate me.  Story goes that this women who is "tanorexic" allegedly brought her five year old into a tanning booth.  Couple points if I may -

  • This woman needs help regardless of if she brought the child in or not.  Obviously she has issues and needs to address that immediately.  
  • She says she's "not dumb" but clearly she is if your face looks like that.  
  • Just like I believe a bartender should not allow a known alcoholic into their bar to be an enabler, a tanning salon owner should not allow someone like this into their salon.  You are going to let this woman kill herself so you can make $99? (That's how much she pays for her monthly membership.)
  • You're addicted to tans?!  People in this world are worried about where they will get their next meal from, stuck in bunkers hiding from bombings, and you're worried about if your skin looks dark enough?  America, get a grip! Lady, take that $99 and send it to charity. 
  • I enjoyed this from the New York Post:   “As crazy as she looks, you think she would put her daughter in the booth — to take time away from herself?” joked John D., who was picking his high-school age daughter up from the salon.

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