Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 11 - Hawaii Honeymoon

We woke up around 8AM and walked about a mile along the beach to Queens Surf Cafe. It's this hidden little breakfast nook on the water that David's aunt told us about. 

Then we sat on the famous Waikiki Beach for one last time and took it all in. 

 On the way to the airport, we happened to pass Leonard's, a place famous for their malasadas, fried dough balls, and stopped for some treats for the plane.  

At the airport, the excitement wasn't over.  I haven't mentioned yet about how slow Hawaiians are.  The security line was out the door.  Literally out the door.  And while we waited outside that door, we watched two women being arrested.  It looked like a smuggle job gone wrong but we can't be sure.  

When we got on the plane, we popped some melatonin to prepare for the redeye flight.  David was out like a light but I couldn't sleep because the stewardess was laughing so loud and talking to the other attendent the ENTIRE time.  I watched multiple people complain to her and she never stopped.  Just another disappointment on Hawaiian Air.  But hey, if there's no such thing as a perfect vacation and that was one of the biggest complaints - I guess it wasn't too bad.  And on another plus side, I finished an amazing book called The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. 

So that my friends, was #drmthehoneymoon.   We are really looking forward to returning on an anniversary trip!  

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