Friday, November 30, 2012

Wish List 2012

Circle Scarf, American Apparel, $28. 
I got this scarf in grey last year and I've worn it more than any other article of clothing I have ever bought.  It is so comfy and versatile, I wish I could have one in every color.  Fortunately, that's an option!  

Chuck Taylor, Converse, $70
Many people have certain staples in their wardrobe.  Sometimes staples wear out and for a product under $100, there's no excuse for when they turn smelly and gross to not replace them.  If you know someone with a staple item, perhaps you can provide them with that task.  Personally, my staple is my Chuck Taylor's.  Make the pair you get something special with the customized option! 

Madison,Warby Parker, $95
If I took a shot every time I heard someone mention Warby Parker this season, I'd be wasted. 

Retro Pop Phone,, About $18.
Always thought these were funny and a perfect gift.  For the goofballs.  

iPower Case, C. Wonder, $58.
Practical & nerdy.  

Elite Israeli Chocolate Bars,, $1.99
I did a couple stints in Israel, among other places and with each trip, I usually have a favorite food or product I'd love to be able to bring home with me or have at my disposal once I am home.  In my case, these chocolate bars with pop rocks in them are a favorite of mine.  Find out what the product is and get that for whoever you are buying a gift for.  It doesn't have to be food either.  It will not only make them extremely happy but also remind them of a great memory and show that you really pay attention to the details!  

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