Sunday, October 6, 2013

Arenal - Day 1

Our actual One Year Anniversary!  We both said we had no interest in going ziplining so naturally the very first day and the very first thing we did was that.  Our room clock read 8AM so we got up and went to the concierge to see if any spots were available but no one was there.  We asked the front desk what time they open and he said 8 and we asked what time it was and he said 6!  There's a two hour time difference but we were clearly all mixed up.  So we had some coffee, fixed our clock, and then arranged the tour.

Sky Trek picked us up in a shuttle and drove about 20 minutes to their home base.  It was an unpaved road so we were glad we didn't drive.  Plus the tour guide throws in some interesting and important information on the way.  We geared up and headed up the Sky Tram with a group of 15.  (They said it was better to go at this time of year because with the bigger groups, you zip and then wait like a half hour each time for everyone to go.)  The view was incredible, clear skies and all.
View from the Sky Tram of Lake Arenal. 

I'm not quite sure what I was expecting but the height didn't bother me so much as the length.  These runs are long!  The heavier you are the better and the very first one we zipped, I did not make it the entire way, despite getting up to about 40mph, so I had to turn around and pull myself up.  The rest went OK and I got to ride with one of the workers on one of the wires so I could take a video.  They were cool like that, a fun (and safe) company.
The first zip line is on the bottom right.  

When we finished, because it was still so nice out, we joined a tour through the jungle for the hanging bridges.  The same owner runs the Monteverde hanging bridges, which is a popular cloud forest destination but was a little too far for us.  These bridges were built only a couple of years ago.  We learned a lot about the flora and fauna from our guide and 4 hours later, we were exhausted.

Timing couldnt have been more perfect because we changed and went straight to our massages.
This spa was amazing.  You relax in the main area, they serve you fresh juices and cucumbers and then they bring you to your treatments.  We were lead to this private hut in the middle of the rainforest, right next to the river from the hot springs.  It was raining out and a little cold but I think that only added to the relaxation factor.

The massage was the best massage of my life.  Afterwards, you take a private outdoor shower right next to your hut, just in the open of the rainforest, which was good considering we were covered in honey (it was the spa special, honey & orange - sounds odd but actually worked).  Then we wrapped up in our plush robes, hung out by the lounge again (open air but covered which was great because it was pouring at this point), got some fresh fruit and tea and then showered again in the best shower of the entire trip in the ladies room.  If I didn't love monkeys and surfing so much, this would have been my favorite part of the vacation.    
Tabacon Spa Resting Area photo from the website.
Photo of the treatment bungalows from the Tabacon Website.


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