Thursday, October 31, 2013

Costa Rica - Day 6

Another morning without the alarm because this time, at 7AM, it sounded like someone was being an obnoxious juicehead at the outdoor gym but after about 15 minutes of grunting, I heard some people talking outside and then from our porch I saw it.  HOWLER MONKEYS!

My selling point for this hotel was that monkeys are often spotted here and it was the truth.  I watched them for about an hour and then it started to rain so they went to sleep in the trees and we had breakfast at the hotel.

These hybrid birds would sneak onto the tables at the hotel and steal the sugar packets and occasionally, whatever else was up for grabs.  

We wanted to hit up some of the other beaches so despite the rain, we got in the jeep and headed to Playa Conchal.  I had fun offroading.  You would never know our car was blue because it was covered in so much mud.  The lay of the land is a bit inconvenient for the beach hopper.  You have to drive back inland to go to the beach next door because each shorelines are crescent shaped.  Considering how much we heard about this beach in particular, I was shocked by how secluded it was.  It was gorgeous and the sun was strong.

Next we headed to Playa Grande.  Well, we think it was Playa Grande.  The waves were a bit more intense so we watched a couple of surfers for a bit and then we knew we had to go back to Tamarindo and get our boards.  We grabbed a bite at Koi/That's Amore.  I'm not really clear on the name but it was the best meal I had in Tamarindo.  It was just a fried shrimp panini with these sweet red peppers and avocado.  I wish I got the name of the peppers because they were that good!

David rented a long board from Mato's for $5 while I grabbed a $19 bottle of Aleve to get rid of my migraine.  Fun times.  David surfed for about an hour and a half and just as my headache was subsiding and I was about to get in the water, this major thunder storm rolled in.  We weren't sure if it would last so we packed up and went back to the hotel for a few.
When I heard thunder I turned around and saw this!  

That night was the Costa Rica versus USA soccer game in San Jose, Costa Rica.  There is a sports bar called Sharkeys so we went there and had some bar food.  The bar was filled with Ticos and the random Americans.  It was fun.    

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