Sunday, October 26, 2014

Colorado - Day 5 - Colorado Springs

Took off after enjoying breakfast at Columbine Cafe.  We drove on Highway 9 from Breckenridge to Frisco, through some crazy beautiful country.  I literally saw the purple mountains!  We also passed through South Park, Colorado, not related to the show, and I wanted to check out Dorothy's Homemade Tamales because there was a sign that said "Featured on Best Thing I Ever Ate".   But we did not so I will have to return.

The purple moutains! 

Once we got to Colorado Springs, we stopped at Marigold Cafe before we went over to the stable to take a horse ride through Garden of the Gods.  It was their last tour of the day, it was so hot, and the people were clearly annoyed that they had more to do.  So we rode through a pretty lame "1-hour" trail and I wished we had never bothered.  We went back to the Garden to walk around because I actually wanted to see it.  The place is really cool, not like any other place I have ever been.  We explored a bunch and watched some people rock climb.

Can you see the kidding camels?

Then we headed over to our cousins for dinner and spent the rest of the night with the family.

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