Sunday, October 26, 2014

Colorado - Day 6 - Rafting

It wasn't that I didn't want to go, I just needed a vacation from vacation!  But when in should go rafting.  Today was the day if we were gunna do it.  We set up reservations that morning with Royal Gorge Rafting and about four hours later, we were in Canon City putting lifejackets on to raft the level 4/5 Arkansas River.  

We actually drove over to the Royal Gorge Bridge outlook first.  The bridge had been taken out by a fire and was finally back in commission but closed for drivers when we got there so we took a little trail to see it fro a distance.  It was crazy to visualize us rafting down that river way down below.

Loved the company we set up the tour with.  The facility was great too.  We got on a bus to get to the river and we got paired up by the staff with other people on the tour.  Pretty sure they underestimated my ability and overestimated the two guys they put us with.  They were a father and son, both older.  The son had a Pantera tattoo and cut off tee and they were both wearing welding headgear.  Total characters (I later found out the son worked at the local prison mental ward).  Also in the boat was our guide, a cool dude who was also underestimated by the guys because later on, he flipped the boat on purpose because the guys were being annoying.

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