Monday, November 30, 2009

To Speak or Not To Speak

Today my bookkeeper asked me what I thought about the whole Tiger Woods situation. We got into a discussion about when a client should not comment and when they should. She comes from a pr background as well so we got pretty into it. The end result was that we both agreed that in the case of being Tiger Woods, a.k.a. a ginormous public figure, as private as you may be, you should respect the world enough to clear the air. You dont have to get into details but at least make some kind of statement.

PRBC must have been listening in. They have a couple examples and its interesting coming from a sports publicist (Keith). Where was Tiger's? What have they been telling him? Where was Barry's when Greenhouse went down like 4 times in a week for various hearsay items last month? They told him not to say anything. But its one thing when its a legal matter like Greenhouse's but should it not be legalities, I agree with Keith. Its 2009 and people are going to disect every little thing. It should just be expected, no matter how private the person claims to be, that some sort of statement needs to be made. Like it or not, this is our world today.

But I also want to say, the media should lay off a bit. I know its kind of hypocritical, saying that this is the world and they have to deal with that but at the same time, they shouldnt have to. As I am typing this, Bill Maher is on Leno commenting on the situation and just said "Evening News should just change their name to "Guess What You Guys!"." This is so true. I wish the media wasnt such vultures and respected people but they dont and they wont. Its a cycle and I dont think it will be broken anytime soon.

Side Note: I'm really liking Billyboy right now. Never been such a fan but hes got some good points. Banks send him Identity Theft crap but they are a bank and should be protecting the money in the first place. Point, Maher!

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