Friday, December 25, 2009

Jewish Christmas

I am THAT Jew. I went out with my friends to a movie and Chinese food. We saw Nine. Thumbs down. I didn't know what the movie was going to be about because the previews really don't explain anything except that its an all star cast with singing. After seeing the movie, its still pretty unclear but regardless of the negative reviews, we still went.

Basically this guy Guido, played by Daniel Day-Lewis (who I think is so talented) is this famous Italian director trying to make another hit, his ninth to be exact (aha!). He is plagued with writers block and somehow, certain women start singing for no apparent reason. No idea why Fergie was there looking like a pudgy tambourine playing cracked out slutty gypsy, or why Kate Hudson was running around as a singing writer either. Or why Nicole Kidman was crying and singing at the end. It was a rough one to sit through. I do have to give props to Marion Cotillard, who played the wife. She is so beautiful and nailed the Hepburnesque character.

People were falling asleep, getting up more often then any other movie I've been to, eating loudly. It was bad. Not to mention the technical difficulties during the previews or that someone not working at the theater had to shut the doors. It made things much worse that we were sitting in back of this lady wearing the most offensive smelling perfume. It was like rotting old musky...ew im gagging thinking about it again.

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