Wednesday, April 13, 2011

E! did it with Khloe & Lamar, so will they do it with Kim and Kris?  Page Six reports that she will be looking into New York City apartments to be closer to her newest beau which got me thinking.  I bet they will come up with a crazy offer for a finale wedding of Kim & Kourtney Take New York!

Would you marry someone for a million dollars?  I would consider it depending on the circumstances.  But if circumstances say you're already a millionaire and been married before, would you do it for showbiz?  When is enough enough?  I think she would.  E! would be offering a hopeless romantic her dream wedding for the stunt.  Sadly I think she can't say no to that (which also gets me going on the definition of marriage, but I wont get into that now).  Also, I'm calling it now that it will be more then Khloe got and it will cause some friction even if it's not on camera, you can bet on that.

Sidenote:  I dont know these people and I am always a firm believer in not judging anyone in general and especially if you don't know them but it's hard not to judge when they put it out there for you to judge (follow that? haha). I don't doubt Khloe and Lamar were in love and planned to marry anyway.  Thrilled to see that from the outsider's perspective, it all seems like it is working out.  Great for them! But Kim is different.

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