Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bridal Market - JLM Couture

Something totally cool happened.  Long story short, the company who I got my wedding dress from invited me to the 2012 shows for Bridal Market.  This is like Fashion Week but for the bridal industry.  Um, yea, I was kinda really excited to be invited!  Kudos to the PR twitterer who expanded the bubble for this and invited some rogues like moi.  (What would my blog entry be without a little PR comment.)  :)  

Tonight was the first of the two shows.  I'll be honest, I was overwhelmed trying to enjoy it all and trying to make cohesive thoughts and relaying them into all forms of social media in real time.  (Or maybe that was the champagne...)  I gave up on taking crappy photos and I will follow up with the professional ones that will post later on of the dresses.  But in the meantime, here is some stuff I saw at the classy affair from JLM Couture: Lazaro, Tara Keely & Noir by Lazaro.

 When guests walked in, they were greeted with some amazing works of art, aka dresses on display.

None of my photos from the actual show are good but here is Lazaro, the man himself, getting a well deserved round of applause after the show.  Can't wait to post the dresses! Heard whispers throughout that this was his best collection yet!
 A tweet from the show and more to come:
And here is a link to the finale I taped: 

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