Monday, March 19, 2012

Jeff, Who Lives At Home

Thumbs up!

Thanks to positive and friendly celebrity blogger Micah Jesse, he gifted me after a lucky retweet, with two tickets to see an advanced screening of Jeff, Who Lives At Home.  It was also followed by a Q + A with one of the directors, Mark Duplass and actor Ed Helms.

Funnily enough, Micah had picked two winners that day and my friend @cali_in_nyc was the other one!  We all by chance sat next to each other for the movie and snapped this pic right before it started.  Thank you Micah!
As for the movie, I enjoyed it!  Jason Segal seems to effortlessly play his role as a grown man-boy stoner (who still lives at home - his mothers basement to be exact) seeking signs for his life calling.  His brother on the other hand is the opposite and a lot of the movie focuses on the struggle between how each lives their lives according to their perspective. 

Without getting too philosophical, the whole thing reminded me of the Deepak Chopra book that changed my life, The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire - Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidences.  If you liked this book, you'd like this movie or vice versa.  If you haven't read it and like this movie, I highly recommend reading it.  

The gist of the book (via and what I believe is the gist of the movie is this: Not only are everyday coincidences meaningful, they actually provide us with glimpses of the field of infinite possibilities that lies at the heart of all things. By gaining access to this wellspring of creation, we can literally rewrite our destinies in any way we wish.

But even if you aren't into all the "hoopla", like my fiance for example (yes, the movie was reminiscent of several conversations he and I have had before), we still thought the movie was entertaining enough to not be pissed that you spent $13 to see it.  Which is of coarse, the only thing determining a good movie or not these days.  

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