Thursday, March 29, 2012


Thumbs up!

Although, thumbs down for the title.  Wanderlust by definition means to have a strong, innate desire to travel .  It's a trendy word and in this case, misused.  But I digress.

Anything with even a mini Wet Hot American Summer reunion will win me over.  I don't care if they sit around and for real debate politics, I'd watch them for hours and enjoy it.  But luckily, this was not the case in the movie.  There were sightings here and there of a former movie I love and therefore, it was wonderful.

The movie itself was a little over the top nonsensical silly at times but a good laugh nonetheless.  Don't expect awards or too many catch phrases out of this one.   However, I do think there were two standouts - Kathryn Hahn (the brother's wife in Step Brothers) & Kerry Kenney (Reno 911).  Both in the ensemble but to be the comic relief in a comedy...well that's just fantastic work.

Oh to be on the set of a shitshow such as this.  Paul Rudd's amazing outtakes will surely grace the DVD as they did in the ending credits.  As well as what I would imagine the entire cast just being ridiculous.  Must have been a real fun time!

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