Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sessed: Donni Charm

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with a company called Donni Charm.  Alyssa, the creator of the company, is a great woman with a great team behind her.  

The story behind Donni Charm is worth mentioning.  Alyssa went through the tragedy of losing her father unexpectedly and created scarves with charms on them as a way to remember and honor him.  She started to expand in the past two years and for her Spring 2012 catalog and asked my place of work for some additional models and shooting space (see below for finished product).  

I can tell you first hand these products are super soft and super cool.  I wanted everything!  (There is a hamsa charm so you know I am into it.)  In addition to this new Spring line, Donni Charm has also teamed up with the Grateful Dead.  Yes, that Grateful Dead, to create a unique and kick-ass line of scarves.  

Go check them out and get some, a percentage of the sales goes to a selected charity each season.  So yea, it's not only just an amazing line of products but also has a philanthropic side.  Not hard to figure out without saying, who benefits from this season's sales.  

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