Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I heart hippies

I consider myself a designer hippie. Mentally, I'm free spirited, all lovey, can't we all just get along, for the most part anyway. But I also like the finer things in life, like showers, Diane von Furstenberg and Jimmy Choos (that I don't own, yet). I enjoy reading about hippies and the past though so when I was in the store the other day looking for a book, but nothing in particular, this cover caught my eye in the new releases.

Apparently there was this movement of sorts, across the seas called The Hippie Trail. It goes all over Africa, Middle East, East Asia, India...Some came back, others did not. It left a mark regardless. This is a retracing of the steps of this trail and seeing how it changed things over there and even includes some stragglers stories, which I couldn't help but think were somehow perhaps exaggerated just like any retelling of any story, without adding drugs to the mixture of memory. Either way, it kept my attention.

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