Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lost Finale Live Blog Hour 1

7:59 Opened up my bottle of wine and ready to get LOST
8:44 The Exec producer just compared a young Ben Linus to a Young Hitler. Wow.
8:55 "Faraday had the misfortune of dying." - exec producer with another fab one liner
9:00 What is this, A Knights Tale? Wanted?
9:01 Nice filet. Give me back that filet o fish!
9:02 This cryptic talk is bullshit
9:03 Jacob has a face
9:04 Porges called that shit. 4 toed statue!

9:05 Mike Tyson singing Phil Collins. I'm there.

9:07 Great mini Kate look a like
9:10 Daniel has a baby bro or sis
9:13 "Ive never seen anyone come back to life." - Richard
"And ive never seen anyone never age!" - Locke

9:18 I am loving these short commercial breaks

9:19 2/2 with the guessing game of the kids
9:22 Um hello blondie, welcome to the script
9:24 Still confused how people can exsist in two places aka Richard near the bomb and on the beach
9:25 Bens sarcasm is annoying and Lockes power trip is unattractive
9:31 That rock is CLEARLY different then the rest dumbass Richie Rich
9:35 Sayid is with Dr. Shepard, he will be fine

9:40 Vincenttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!
9:41 I knew Rose and Bernard were up to no good
9:42 Freakin love Rose and Bernard on retirement
9:44 "We are the good guys." The good guys are always the bad guys. Shit the cap just said that. Maybe I should help write this.
9:46 Jacob + Nadia? Alana? WTF
9:48 Did the group just go one way and then the other?

9:52 Holy crapazoid Jacob was there when Locke was thrown out the window
9:53 I am so glad Sun is there to state the obvious all the time for the viewers who are just so lost they cant figure basic stuff out anymore, like the fact that this is their old camp.
9:55 Hi my name is Benjamin and I am a liar. What is this? AA?
9:57 This CHINESE wedding looks pretty American to me.
9:59 Is Sayid dying or drunk?
10:00 FACE OFF!

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