Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend

I am a bit burnt out at the moment so this post wont be what it should but I wanna get some blogging out of my system. It's therapeutic for me.

This past weekend was in Cleveland with David. He planned a good one! We were pretty much always doing something. Straight from the airport we went downtown to watch the Cavs game. We went to a bar right across from the Q which was really fun when Lebron made the at the buzzer, historical shot and everyone came running out and into the streets celebrating. I was so happy to be in that city at that moment.

The rest of the weekend we went to the driving range, he met my best friend Lucy and fiance Eric and I met his (both which are getting married in the same hotel in Cincinnati later this year just by coincidence), took a nice 5 mile walk in the valley metro park, finally saw Slumdog (thumbs up) and also Angels & Demons (thumbs up), layed by the pool, had dinner with the fam, had a delicious breakfast of Reeses pancakes, had my favorite meal at Taza, and got to spend some quality time together.

Not to be all corny but I love seeing him and being by him. I am definitely freaking out about what to do now with my life but I am doing what I can at the moment. I was really sad to leave this morning. It gets harder every time. I don't want to live this far from him. But such is life at the moment. Doing a lot of thinking now. Lots to do.

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Molls said...

Sounds like you should pack your stuff and move to the Cleve!!

Come on, just do it. You will like it.