Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lost Finale Live Blog Hour 2

10:03 "Well it's a wonderful foot Richard, but what does it have to do with Jacob?" - Locke being his usual dick self
10:05 aw remember, count to 5?!
10:06 So I am wondering, did they know Jacob would be at every event and have him there for the original tapings? Or did they have to recreate the scenes with him there?
10:09 Whoa that was major if Sawyer was thinking of stopping his parents murder
10:10 Jack, if its meant to be then why are you trying to change it?
10:11 Kick to the nutz.
10:12 Juliette is schizo
10:17 "Leading The Great Sub Escape!"
10:18 Prediction, Stewart dies.
10:26 Hugo sharing food?
10:30 Que the intense music, jeez
10:32 Here we go with Richard feeling rocks again
10:33 It would be hysterical if Jacob was chillin in a hot tub with Playmates or something under the foot.
10:39 Love how Jacks just running around with a bomb in his backpack.
10:40 "WHOS THIS?!" - Best line to scream when you are being shot at
10:41 Sawyer tells Jack to do his business. He isn't taking a crap dude.
10:43 Was wondering what the smart ass comment would be when it didn't go off. "This don't look like LAX."
10:45 Juliette cant be taken down by a chain!
10:51 What lies in the shadow of the statue...I dont speak that language you jerk!
10:52 Is Jacob a shapeshifter? Is Locke in the temple actually Jacob?
10:53 It's 10:53 and I am gathering way more questions. DAMMIT!
10:55 5 minutes left and I already know im disappointed
10:56 Ben = me, me, me, whine, whine, whine
10:57 Was it really that easy to kill Jacob?
10:59 White out.

2010 The Final Season. We shall wait.

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