Sunday, June 14, 2009


I think I got a job. The details are still a bit sketchy but I did work a full day on Friday and am heading back in on Monday so it seems like things could be looking up. Details to come when I know them but I think I can say au revoir to all the great sites and blogs I have found in recent times of this recession.

I enjoy these not only for their entertainment purposes but it's comforting to know that you are not the only person going through these things right now. It's almost comical how there are these communities now due to the poor circumstances. When you cant find humor in the situation, there is always someone there to bring it to you. You cant get through hard times without a laugh!

There is My Unemployment written by a women I actually started following on Twitter. I really appreciated her entry about how to attend weddings on a budget.

Then of coarse is Funemploymed In NYC . Blogroll consists of all job search sites, entries about pros to being unemployed, the job postings of the day and the resume fails. It keeps you entertained when you have nothing to do cuz you're unemployed.

There is also The 405 Club, iget2work, and Pink Slips Are The New Black, along with countless entries in NYMag, Gawker, and every other place you can find talking about these times of hardship.

As fun as these blogs are, in an ironic way I hope they expire and people start working again shortly. Best of luck to all!

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