Monday, April 12, 2010

Ruining The Fantasy

I read an article today about how Twitter is ruining celebrities. People are hearing things they don't want to hear out of the mouths of these characters they know from a screen and when it doesn't fit the character they imagine in their head, it's crushing. But with twitter, unlike other forms of media, these are coming straight from the horses mouth, making it that much worse.

This same feeling transcends into real life too as Irin points out in meeting fellow writers she admired. I had a similar feeling about meeting celebrities. When you feel like you know someone, or have this image in your head, and then meet that person and that image is shattered, the fantasy is over. You know longer look at them the same. I don't know why we think we know these people but we do and I don't know why we are confused when they are not how we fantasize them being, but we are. Twitter is only another outlet to get to the same failed feeling.

Chris Noth was the first person of a handful to do this to me. Mr. Big in Sex and the City may be "the bad guy" but there is still something mysterious, drawing and handsome about him to viewers. When I met him at a work event, it was so far from the person I had hoped to meet, it
was crushing. Realistically, you know these people are not like their characters, but you still have an image you hope they withhold and when they don't, it's such a bummer. I was dealing with this drunk slob kabob instead of a slick and put together man. So disappointing. I'd almost rather not get an inside look into these people's lives, their twitter accounts included because it only sets you up for disappointment (not always, but most times). But at the same time, it's like watching a disaster, how can you not look?!

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