Sunday, August 21, 2011

Limelight Marketplace and Brocade

Limelight Marketplace opened over a year ago and has been continuously changing since.  Every time I roam in there, there are different stores and layouts of the place.  The price points of these stores are very affordable, something you would never expect.  Recently, I went in and found this store, Brocade, and it is dreamy.  Before I get into it, a little about the history of the building.

It used to be a church, which is fairly obvious when looking at it from the outside.  Then, a nightclub and then a private event space.  Now it is transformed into shops but maintains the church design.  It's easy to get lost but fun because every corner is a new space.  My friends and I stumbled upon this really cool lounge area that I bet we will never find again.

We made it to this spot through Brocade.  This store is right up my ally.  Even cooler is the set up the store has.  Its just like a home so you can really get a feel for the stuff.  Even down to the bedrooms that are sized for Manhattan ones.  Just check this stuff out!

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