Monday, August 29, 2011

Real Talent and the 2011 MTV VMA's

"No props. No crazy costumes.  Just talent. New artists, take note - Adele is schooling you."

The costumes at the VMA's were just plain stupid.  Clearly these people don't live by the motto, "No regrets!".  From Nicki Minaj who looked like she went swimming in the FAO Schwarz garbage can with a SARS mask on,
(Photo Credit: Just Jared)
to Katy Perry and a yellow cube on her head,
(Photo Credit: Getty)
to even Lady Gaga's alter ego, Jo Calderone, who looked like Eyegore...

It was just beyond statement clothing this time around.

One person who actually stuck out because she WASN'T dressed like an asshole, because she is pure talent and doesnt need to distract you with nonsense,  was Adele.

In fact, I love how she was introduced.  Essentially, Katy Perry put it like this; "You can go in a lot of paths at age 21.  You can have black out nights and have embarrassing things posted on the internet OR you can make one of the most moving albums of the year."

Adele took the latter path and according to tweets, had viewers in tears, with her simple performance of Someone Like You. She's wearing a custom Barbara Tfank black cotton dress with embroidered scalloped lace.

Watch the video here:

Some more questions I have about the talents outfits.
Why was Justin Bieber holding a baby snake?
Was YSL sponsoring this?  There were blatant product placements.
Will Polo pay Lil Wayne to not wear their undies on stage again?
Who designed the "black" carpet set up, and why was it so awkward?
Where were the musicians?  I feel like the entire pre-show was interviewing TV stars, who I never heard of.

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