Monday, August 29, 2011


Wanted to take a moment to think about some stuff.  

Take a moment today, just a couple seconds even, to imagine today is your 25th birthday. Now, imagine no celebration, no family and friends, no presents...nothing. Then imagine spending you birthday, for the 6th time, in captivity. This is the story of Gilad Shalit, on this very day.

Now, take a moment to think about the recent Hurricane Irene and be thankful.  Even if you are flooded, your car was damaged from debris, or you have no electricity.   This Hurricane hit New York City about 12 hours ago now and it was not nearly as bad as expected and we will survive.  But now think about New Orleans.  Do you know how long ago it was that Katrina hit?  6 years ago!  And they are STILL recovering.  Some may never recover.  Their entire homes, neighborhoods, were washed away.  Just put that into perspective for a moment.  

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