Friday, July 31, 2009


This morning I was greeted with one of the best things ever. It's hard to make out but that white spot on the top of the Bull's head is actually a man's underwear. Now can you make out the man slouched over the Bull's neck? Um yea. Amazing.

Originally from Dealbreaker with the best caption, Anyone Missing An Intern, or so I thought, I found this gem on the Daily Intel. Gawker also had a good one. "That's Dow. He's down."

But apparently, updates from Kira say she got to the bottom of this. He is a DJ who literally went insane and thought he was a prince so we went by The Artist Formally Known As Prince. After a lot of therapy, he finally realized he wasn't. But he started to go by DJ Prance instead. I can't find anything on this so called person but her boss says its true.

UPDATE: The above story is not true. The identity of the man was found.

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