Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Too Young

I have been thoroughly bothered by this for quite some time. I am hesitant to write but it was just fully blown into the public eye on Bravo's show NYC Prep last night.

I think it is creepy that people in their 20s are sucking up so hard to children. Example, blogger Micah Jesse and Ally Zarin. Also Ally and a couple other people. I get she's a cool girl, she's connected etc but she's 15. Its crossed the line of client and publicist, interviewer and subject. I just think its weird.

Last night on the show, it was called out but from the other side of the fence. As annoying as that Jessie fat face is, she made a superb point about a certain Miss Devorah Rose (after completely talking an amazing amount of shit about people not being from NY and being fake that was clearly directed at her). She was simply protecting her lover PC but in any event, she too thought it was weird a "20something" was all over this teenager.

NYMag recapped it quite nicely. I am just disturbed. Like I loved working with Mark Indelicato. He was like a little brother to me. But I wasn't tweeting at him on a personal level and inviting him to my own events. He's 15. Celeb or not, cool freaking kid or not. Its weird. Go friend people your own age.

Yes I suppose a couple kids this age are out and about in the clubs. Paris Hilton did it, Bijou Phillips, Lohan, etc. But now its completely in public. Its a different world and therefore a different game. Its not so much I'm worried about the 15 year old befriending a 25 year old. its more about the 25 year old befriending the 15 year old. Grow up. Its not like these are all adults and the gap is not relevant. It is.

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