Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST Finale

RIP Lost. You've tortured me for 6 years and in true fashion, left me hanging, pissed off and questioning for life.

Some colleagues takes:
"I think I am pissed, but I need a couple days to let it settle."
"I called this ending years ago! "
"Still so many questions unanswered."

I agree with all of the above statements. There is a great article from Time that makes it make some sense. I miss a lot when watching and I have two major questions. 1. Why was Jack so willing to let Desmond down into the light and to work with "Locke"? Did I miss some conversation where he was like, "I'm going to kill you but first let's try your way?" 2. So does Ben stay true to his nature and pussy out? He wants to be part of a group and be special so badly but when he's invited to join them, he declines. Is it because he is truly not special or just being a weirdo or afraid of dying? But isnt he already dead if the flash sideways is purgatory? AH!

Also now I want a final final season of how everyone actually died. Another side observation I made was that a lot of viewers last night have never watched an episode before and these outsiders seemed to think it was quite an intriguing show. The funny thing is now they may go watch DVDs and that is how I originally got hooked. Wonder how it will effect those sales. My roommate never watched until I moved in and we both still have the same questions watching it so it really never made a difference when you jumped in because no one knew what was going on, which I found brilliant.

For those who have the time to read (I don't):

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