Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 2, Hawaii Honeymoon

David and I headed out to Pearl Harbor early but first we stopped at a doughnut shop I heard about on Yelp, called Regal Bakery.  It was on the way to Pearl Harbor so it worked out nicely.  We got there at 7:30AM and they were out of the Maple Bacon already!  However the Pineapple one David got was out of this world.

We did the USS Arizona Memorial thing (which in the end I was glad we did because I originally didn't want to) and were starving by the time we were leaving.  It was time for the much anticipated Helena's Hawaiian Food [<- click to read all about our meal in detail.] Wow!  This was the best meal we had on Oahu.  The food was amazing but on top of that, so was the staff.  If you ever go to Oahu, GO TO HELENA'S!
We needed to rest a bit so we headed to the beach.  David wanted to try to paddle board so he rented it for $45 and soon he was waving me in.  I kept refusing, I hate the ocean.  Well it turns out he had no interest in me trying it out; he had sliced his foot open on a rock when he jumped off the board the first try.  So he comes dragging in after realizing I was not budging and I take one look at his foot and run to the lifeguard for supplies.  After he bandaged himself up, we walked over there cuz it looked questionable.  While he talked to the most extremely laid back human being we have ever encountered (think Paul Rudd's character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall...times 10), I returned the board.  I was told "No refunds, but if its a gnarley cut, come show them."

So after about 10 minutes of "Ums" and "Yeas" from the lifeguard, we went over to a Doctors on Call.  This is why I say, thankfully we were in America.  Had we been elsewhere, this trip could have taken a very different turn.  The doctor decided that since it was the beginning of the trip, he would forgo the stitch or two and just glue him up real good.
So we rested up a bit more at the hotel's pool, the sickest infinity pool I have ever seen.  We walked about 10 feet over to the beach and watched another incredible sunset and then we grabbed a drink by the poolside bar.  As we were leaving, the waiter stopped us and told us we should stick around for a couple minutes because the fire show was about to start.  All of a sudden this Samoan dude was in a little skirt and eating fire.

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Rachel Matteson said...

Great honeymoon trip. Too bad for David though for having that little accident. It seems that you had an wonderful overall stay though. Hawaii has always been known for its beaches making it a good choice for honeymoon. By the way, that is one sick infinity pool. :)
- LifeGuardStoreUSA.com