Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 8 - Hawaii Honeymoon

After the amazing/exhausting driving adventure my husband and I experienced yesterday, we deserved a spa day. We relaxed at the beach in the morning until our spa appointment.  I was super excited to head over to the Grand Wailea's Spa Grande. Particularly excited to try their Terme baths. You immerse yourself in five different kinds of aromatic salt baths.  

So when you get to the spa, you sign in and go your separate ways.  There is a male and female spa.  You do your own thing for an hour and then meet up for a couples massage.  There were only a handful of people in there and I went straight for the baths, which were unoccupied.  It was really cool.  I wanted to purchase the salts of the black one which I think is magical because when I got in it, I almost immediately wanted to sleep.  But they were all relaxing and interesting to try.  There are also a couple other forms of Japanese baths and showers that I wasn't really in to trying. 

The spa itself though really needs updating.  The spa amenities themselves are OK but the decor is just atrocious for a world class spa.  For example, I was sitting in a bath and staring at this decrepit flower pot.  It was just so gross for the amount of money they have coming in.  And the lounge chair cushions were just not exactly screaming "relax on me!".  Yucky.   

Oh!  And I can't forget, they also give you this loofah scrub down. They take you into a private room with water everywhere and you lay on a table and they literally shower you down with a loofah and scrub.  It was one of the weirdest things I have ever experienced.  Then they take you up to the lanai to get some fresh air and wait for your treatment.  David and I sat together for a couple of minutes and then got taken to our 50 minutes of heaven.  

After our treatment, we took a walk to the lobby. My grandparents had taken their photo there over 10 years ago and we wanted to do the same. We couldn't remember the exact spot and this place is massive but we got one in the vicinity. 

Now this part is hard for me to even think about again.  David went to the room to nap and eat some leftovers and I went to the Serenity Pool for a chicken quesadilla and pina colada. Finally, my first tropical drink poolside!  I chatted with the bartender and this drunk newlywed couple that just arrived.

In hindsight, I should have never ate something like that so late in the afternoon with our Mama's Fish House reservation soon after. But when you're hungry, you're hungry. I didn't feel great when we left for dinner and when we got to the most beautiful/cool restaurant I have ever seen, I was full fledged sick and freaking out. 
The gorgeous table set up at Mama's overlooking the beachfront property.  

What could be worse then being sick at a restaurant?  How about being escorted to the VIP table our friend arranged as a gift, brought out a bottle of champagne and then deciding you had to leave? I've never been more embarrassed and upset. I'll leave the details of the rest of the night out but really Becca, you eat random Thai food from the side of the road and you get food poisoning from the Four Seasons?!  I hate my body.  Do you think I make it to our 5AM sailboat trip the next day? Stay tuned...

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