Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 6 - Hawaii Honeymoon

We drove over to Lahaina and Ka'anapalai because we had reservations for the Old Lahaina Luau over there and figured we would spend the day there. It was a nice drive but a long day.

After much confusion on the parking situation (or lack of), we parked over by Whalers Village (an outdoor shopping mall, not sure why people flip over this place) and walked out to the beach. Another clean, soft sanded crescent beauty.  We walked over to the famous Black Rock where we were literally greeted by a turtle. Kimo lives there and likes the company.  He made several more appearances again while we were there. He basically swam into David and caused a bunch of snorkeling head bops to the dozens watching him.  I think I saw him laughing! 

There goes Kimo! 

Black rock was nice because we could sit at the end of the beach and there was a good sized tree for some shade. I felt like it was exceptionally hot and just couldnt handle it, very unlike me. David had a rematch with a paddleboard and he won this time. We also watched a couple of kids jump off the cliff. Then we went for a walk and ate at Hula Grill. It was fantastico - I had Hawaiian Ceviche in a martini glass and really great french fries. 

Black Rock behind us. 

Not me jumping. 

We drove to the town of Lahaina and walked around the historical main street.  Luckily we found Ono, which has a rather secret oceanside picnic seating in the back, so we killed some more time there and then changed for the luau in the car. Yup, we are classy.  

The luau was silly. Total cheesefest but at the same time, we were glad we did it. We sat at a table with 6 others.  Coincidentally, with a couple from Long Island who was married September 1st, along with an older couple and their friends.  They confirmed it was the best luau in Maui, they have tried them all and returned to this one seven times.  So I was happy we chose the right one.  It was everything we thought it would be and we didn't get sick from the food so in my opinion, great success! 

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