Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 3, Hawaii Honeymoon

I woke up before sunrise again but today was surfing day and I was too excited to go back to bed. I watched the sunrise from my hotel room - I've definitely got my share of sunrises to last me for a couple of years.  

We headed out and stopped at a couple of spots along the way. First the Dole Plantation, where we got the pineapple ice cream.  It was real good. 
Getting his ice cream.

Then we drove through the surfing town of Hale'iwa on the North Shore. We didnt want to be late for the lesson so we parked like a local right on the side of the road and chilled for a bit.
Chun's Reef, where we surfed.

At noon, we started our lesson with Carol, from North Shore Surf Girls. I've never surfed, always wanted to, and decided if I was going, it would be on the North Shore. I did massive amounts of research and found NSSG. So glad I did. Carol and her assistant, Erin, were amazing. They gave us a lesson on sand and then headed into the water.

David stood up and ran a great wave his very first time. Mine wasnt as good but I did get up!  This went on for another hour and a half. I had to give up a little early because the paddling was just too exhausting. But all we could talk about on the ride home was how freaking awesome it was and started planning our next surfing trip.

We took a long route home and stopped at Giovanni's Shrimp Truck for lunch.  It was the best shrimp scampi I have ever had (sorry mom).  We also spotted a green sea turtle a.k.a. a Honu, on one of the beaches and got to see some of the mountains on the east side we normally would have never passed.  It's always nice to take an alternative route because the scenery was so beautiful.  
Signing the truck #drmthehoneymoon
Claudette, the Honu on the beach of Laniakea.

We got home just in time to see a crazy rainbow out of our room and then we went upstairs to the VIP club to catch the sunset. It was a nice change from the windy, loud, crowded beach.

I was too exhausted to go anywhere after that so my husband went to eat and I passed out.

Next up, Maui!

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